Hydraulic Equipment

The Benefits Of Using Hydraulic Mining Equipment

Hydraulics play a vital role in the mining industry, especially underground mining. No other system can match the workload, efficiency and safety of hydraulic machinery.  Hydraulics allows mining equipment to move heavier loads and produce greater force than mechanical or electrical systems. Their robust design keeps them operating longer between services and with fewer moving …

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Reducing hydraulic equipment operating costs

Reducing Machinery Downtime

Unscheduled Downtime can create greater issues than just damaged or unreliable equipment.  Downtime refers to any event in which production is inhibited or delayed due to unforeseen machinery damages or failures. Issues of downtime include unnecessary costs of replacing and repairing equipment along with the costs of keeping a worksite open without any operations being …

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Hydraulic Cylinder Safety

Mining Hydraulic Systems: Cylinder Safety

Hydraulic systems store fluid under tremendous pressure, typically 2,000 PSI. Not only is the fluid under a huge amount of pressure, it is also hot and toxic.Working on complex hydraulic mining systems can be dangerous and demands strict safety rules. Here are some general safety guidelines to follow when dealing with high-pressure hydraulic cylinders.

Reducing hydraulic equipment operating costs

Reducing Hydraulic Equipment Operating Costs

Many businesses that require hydraulic machinery in day-to-day operations are under increasing pressure to reduce their costs and spending each year. More than $600 billion per year is spent by the industry in general on repairing damage caused by wear. (Source: Machinery Lubrication). Reduce the cost of running hydraulic equipment by considering factors including maintenance, …

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