Hydramech offer a premium service to our customers in Kalgoorlie and Perth, Western Australia with a focus on getting your parts back onsite fast!

Our high quality, onsite repair services mean that you’ll get a superior product every time. We specialise in hydraulics and have extensive experience repairing and rebuilding hydraulic cylinders and components.


Hydramech’s team of experienced engineers works efficiently to repair or rebuild your hydraulic elements. We offer the following repair services:

  • Hydraulic cylinder repair
  • Hydraulic hose repair
  • Rebuild hydraulic cylinders
  • Rebuild & assemble hydraulic hose
  • Hydraulic cylinder honing
  • Cylinder resealing
  • Hydraulic Motors
  • Hydraulic valves
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Hydraulic components

Don’t see your hydraulic component listed? Contact us to see what we can do.


  • Strip – We strip your used part back so we can give you a quote for your repair or rebuild.
  • Quote – We’ll give you a full analysis of your component and a quote for its repair.
  • Test – All of our repairs are fully tested to ensure they are fit for onsite use.
  • Dispatch (rebuilt component) – On approval, we’ll dispatch a rebuilt component from our stock directly to your site, saving you time and keeping your rotables onsite where you need them.
Hydraulic Repair Warehouse


Follow these tips to reduce the frequency of your hydraulic repairs, as well as extend the life and improve the performance of your hydraulic machinery:

  • Maintain – Don’t wait until something is broken; maintain your machinery to keep it calibrated and in good working order.
  • Use the right products (fluids) – Using the wrong fluids for your hydraulics or operating at the wrong temperature can cause excess wear, so make sure you’re using the right products for your setup.
  • Perform regular checks – Check and test your machinery for performance and accuracy – if you see a drop in performance, get your parts serviced or repaired to prevent damage to your machinery.
  • Have a timeline – Stick to a proper schedule and checklist that is completed on-time; service is critical to the maintenance of hydraulic equipment. Also consider how long component servicing will take – will your team’s productivity drop while your system is being serviced or will you get a replacement component to cover you until the repair is finished?
  • Don’t trust just anyone – Hydraulic equipment is a big investment, so make sure you choose a qualified, experienced team to rebuild or repair your equipment.


  • Quality – We’re pro-active and on select items use specialty materials such as chrome plated stainless steel or billet one-piece rods to overcome the issues that cause premature failure.
  • Service – All of our repairs are carried out to the highest standard……as close to OEM new as possible.
  • Support – At Hydramech Kalgoorlie, we do more than just repair, rebuild, and engineering machinery sales; we’ll work with you to solve your problems, so you can get your components back onsite quickly and seamlessly.
  • Exchange program – If you’re low on spares we’re happy to dispatch an SX unit immediately – it’s all part of the service!


Contact Hydramech today for questions on our services or for more information.

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Quality Control

Hydramech repair to OEM specifications. Using the latest machinery, drawings and quality procedures. Our internal Quality Assurance policy ensures that before a part is returned it undergoes rigorous testing and inspection.

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Hydramech's leadership team has extensive experience in mobile mining machinery. When you need a fast turn-around or a quick exchange we have the solutions.

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We're ready to assist 7 days a week. With one of the Goldfields’ largest SX inventories,extensive range of parts and a modern machine service shop, we'll keep you moving.


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Our Drop N Swap™ system makes it easier that ever to maximise production and minimise downtime.

You can choose to have your hydraulic cylinder or component repaired, exchange it for a newly refurbished piece or buy new.

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Our inventory is constantly evolving and current stock includes over 175+ individual line items currently turning in our SX program.