At Hydramech we work to acheive a quality outcome for our customers. To ensure this we shall:

    • Use only trained technical tradesmen and supervise them with experienced personnel
    • Develop workplace systems, procedures, and policies to ensure the jobs we do are repeatable and constantly improving
    • Use quality parts which are sourced with care and inspected prior to installation
    • Invest in precision machinery, tooling, and resources
    • Maintain a quality work environment that is safe, clean, and committed

The Way We Work

When your component arrives, it’s quarantined until the Hydramech Leadership Team can inspect and allocate job numbers and priorities.

The job is then scheduled for its strip and assessment phase – its sent to our wash bay for cleaning, before being stripped, measured and photographed extensively.

The component is then quoted and a full report sent to you with a breakdown of damage, wear, and photographic evidence to support what we find. We dont just send you a bill – we prefer our customers to understand why their components have failed, along with a thorough justification of the work required to return it to serviceable condition. We’ll also compare costs to a new item giving you the opportunity to stop the repair if its uneconomical!

Upon your authorisation we schedule the component repair and the job moves to its Repair phase. Parts are fabricated in-house or sourced from a preferred supplier – we give you the option of OEM or aftermarket parts. or letus find the most economical solution!

Once assembled the completed part is tested to ensure it meets our internal standards of quality. Its then sandblasted and painted in our in-house paint facility, before being packaged and dispatched back to site.