Magnification_1200x900We shall repair or replace any part which proves defective in material or workmanship, other than those items listed in the section entitled “WHAT IS NOT COVERED” and subject to compliance with the section entitled “WHAT YOU MUST DO”.

Warranty repair or parts replacement will be performed by Hydramech during normal working hours at its normal place of business and within a reasonable time.

In no event shall Hydramech become liable to the owner or to third parties for damages arising out of the use of the repaired plant or equipment or part thereof whether such damage was caused  by the failure of protection devices, ancillary equipment or otherwise.


Associated parts, parts considered consumable or having an inherently short life, and defects caused by wear and tear, incorrect installation or abnormal working conditions.  Parts and equipment originally installed by third party services or not manufactured by Hydramech in respect of which the owner shall be entitled only to such benefits as Hydramech may receive under any guarantee or warranty that it may be given by the manufacturer or third party service provider of such parts, equipment and work.

Any non-recommended parts, accessories or equipment installed without authorization by Hydramech and any defect in any other part resulting from such installation.

Any parts and labour costs incurred in connection with normal maintenance.

Defects or failures resulting from:

  • Excessive force ;
  • Impact damage from rock or other hard materials ;
  • Failure to perform normal and proper maintenance and associated services required ;
  • Alterations or improper repairs ;
  • Accident, theft or fire ;
  • Chemical fallout, salt, hail, windstorm, lightening or unusual environmental conditions ;
  • Normal deterioration of trim, paint, seals or other external items.
  • All costs and liabilities associated with cartage or freight to or from Hydramech’s normal place of business.

Any additional costs resulting from the owners request that warranty work be performed outside normal business hours or an urgent basis, including costs incurred by Hydramech in sending representatives away from their normal workplace to carry out warranty work.

Any loss, damage or liability of whatsoever nature incurred or suffered by the owner as a result of any defect including loss, damage or liability caused by any delay in rectifying any defect, the inability to use the plant or equipment or part thereof or to perform any contract or any other loss as a consequence of any defect whatsoever.


Properly use, maintain and care for your plant or equipment or part thereof.

Notify Hydramech at time of fault or breakdown.

Take or send the plant or equipment or part thereof to Hydramech during regular business hours at your own expense to obtain warranty service.