How To Choose A Hydraulic Equipment Supplier

Hydraulic Equipment Supplier

If your business is underground mining, then it’s crucial your hydraulic equipment comes from someone who specialises in the same area. Not only because they supply the correct components and products you need, but they also understand how urgently you need them. 

The right hydraulic equipment supplier will do everything they can to get your machinery back up and running as fast as possible. That doesn’t mean any repairs are rushed or compromised – if fact, it’s just the opposite (as you’ll read a bit later).

Let’s look at what you need to weigh up before you choose a hydraulic equipment supplier.

Your Hydraulic Equipment Supplier Checklist

Make sure your supplier stocks hydraulic equipment for your machinery

Hydraulic cylinder parts

If you’re one of the big underground mining companies, you’ll probably be using equipment from the world’s leading machinery brands, like:

  • Sandvik Mining
  • Caterpillar
  • Epiroc (Formerly Atlas Copco)
  • Volvo Construction Equipment

Check that your hydraulic equipment supplier has compatible cylinders and valves for your machinery and that they have enough stock to keep up with demand.

Does your hydraulic equipment supplier also offer quality repairs?

Hydramech Equipment Repairs

Repairing and rebuilding hydraulic cylinders is a delicate process and shouldn’t be rushed. To ensure your cylinder is repaired correctly and machinery downtime is kept to a minimum, Hydramech offers a cylinder exchange service (Drop N Swap). This allows you to get your machinery back up and running while your old cylinder is repaired. 

The repair process should include:

  • Stripping back the cylinder – This will help uncover the true source of the problem.
  • Detailed quote – a full analysis of the damage and cost for repair.
  • Testing – A full test of the repaired hydraulic equipment to ensure it’s fit for use.
  • Delivery – Your product is dispatched to your site.

How easy is it to get the hydraulic equipment you need?

Hydraulic Equipment - Cylinder

It’s inevitable that your machinery will need its hydraulics repaired or replaced. The key is to get those replacement parts fitted quickly. Hydramech’s Drop N Swap system lets you exchange a damaged component for a refurbished one. You can choose to leave the damaged hydraulic component or get a quote to have it repaired. If you need to purchase a new part, your Hydraulic Equipment Supplier should have a sales inventory list you can easily access.    

Often, mining companies need equipment delivered or installed on site. You’ll want to choose a supplier that is close to your operation or can get components and products delivered. Also, check that they are on call 7 days a week, as you won’t want to have to wait a weekend to get a response.

Does your hydraulic equipment supplier have a good reputation?

Hydramech Equipment Repairer

If the hydraulic equipment supplier you’re considering is doing the right thing by its current clients, it will have built up a good reputation. Check who other underground mining companies are using for their hydraulic repairs or replacement parts. 

You should also ask about the company’s quality control practices. Do they have an experienced team and follow OEM specifications with repairs? Do they rigorously test all parts before they are returned to you?  

If you’re searching for a hydraulic equipment supplier that can offer product exchange, repairs or new sales, talk to the team at Hydramech. Based in Kalgoorlie, Hydramech is a specialist in hydraulic cylinders for underground mining machinery and offers fast reliable service. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team or you can request an online quote.


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