How To Reduce Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs

Operating in a damp and dusty underground mine poses plenty of challenges for machinery hydraulics. These harsh conditions can lead to accelerated wear and tear on hydraulic cylinders, causing blockages and major damage. 

Regular maintenance and hydraulic cylinder repairs are crucial to the longevity and performance of your mining machinery. Let’s take a closer look at the most common type of hydraulic cylinder repairs for underground mining machinery, and what you can do to reduce repairs and unexpected costs.

Signs Your Hydraulic Cylinder Needs Repairs

Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs Machine

Healthy hydraulic cylinders are vital for underground mining machinery. Rather than waiting for a machine to break down and require major hydraulic repairs, encourage machine operators to look and listen for the warning signs. If you recognise these signs and swap out the damaged hydraulic cylinder for a new refurbished cylinder or book in for immediate repairs, you’ll save in the long run. 

Here are some of the common hydraulic cylinder issues to look for:


Internal corrosion occurs when water mixes with hydraulic oil, creating a cloudy oil. Without prompt oil changes, water corrodes metals inside the cylinder, reduces lubrication and clogs filters. Preventing contamination through regular checks and maintenance is essential to avoid extensive damage.

Leaking Hydraulic Cylinder

Oil leaks in hydraulic cylinders require immediate attention, as even minor leaks can escalate into major problems. The most common cause is a worn seal, but it’s crucial to inspect for other potential issues. In underground environments, repairing leaks promptly is vital to prevent contamination from dirt and dust, which can damage the entire hydraulic system.

Scored or Bent Piston Rod

Piston rods are prone to damage from scratches and rockfalls. Any damage to the piston rod weakens seals and cylinder strength. Misaligned pistons can’t retain hydraulic fluid pressure, affecting efficiency. Repairing involves disassembling the hydraulic cylinder and addressing the rod damage.

Component Wear

Natural wear and tear on the machinery’s components can’t be ignored. Many of these components work in conjunction with the hydraulics, so if one fails, they all fail. Make sure all major and minor components are examined and replaced before they expire.  

Strategies to Minimise Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs

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Mining companies can reduce unexpected and expensive repairs by adopting the following strategies.

1. Regular Maintenance and Inspections

Routine maintenance is essential to extend the lifespan of hydraulic cylinders. Regular inspections help identify issues early, allowing for prompt repairs. Maintenance should include:

  • Seal checks and replacement 
  • Use only the correct fluids
  • Remove debris and contaminants

2. Using Quality Parts

Investing in high-quality parts (and fluids) can reduce the frequency of repairs. Durable components are less prone to failure, providing longer service life. Partnering with reputable suppliers will ensure you have access to reliable hydraulic cylinder parts.

3. Professional Repair Services

Engaging a professional and dedicated repairer, like Hydramech, guarantees all repairs are performed correctly and efficiently. Your technician will strip back the parts and diagnose the issue before any repairs are carried out. Extensive tests are then carried out to reduce the likelihood of recurring problems. 

4. Cost-Effective Replacement Parts 

If the damage and repairs needed are significant, the most cost-effective option is to install a refurbished hydraulic cylinder. You can still get your old hydraulic cylinder repaired but won’t have to completely halt operations or rush the repair job.    

If you want to find out more about minimising hydraulic cylinder repairs, contact the team at Hydramech. Hydramech specialises in repairs, sales and replacement of hydraulic cylinders for underground mining machinery. And remember, with Hydramech’s exclusive Drop n Swap system, you can get a replacement hydraulic cylinder while your old one is getting repaired. Maximise production and minimise downtime with Hydramech.


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