Hydramech carry an extensive range of Service Exchange components to suit Caterpillar, Sandvik, and Atlas Copco machines.

Our Service Exchange program is simple, and there’s no fee for use! Simply call us and check availability of the required part, supply an order number, and we’ll send you a refurbished part from our stock.

Your used part is stripped and quoted under our strict internal process. You receive a full analysis of your old part along with photo’s and a quotation to repair, and thats all you pay.

Our inventory is constantly evolving and current stock includes:


  • R1300 Lift, Tilt, & steering cylinders.
  • R1700 Lift, Tilt, & steering cylinders.
  • R2900 Lift, Tilt, & steering cylinders.
  • AD45 steering cylinders.
  • AD55 steering cylinders.
  • AD55 suspension struts.
  • AD55 Tub Lift cylinders.
  • AE40/45/55 Tailgate cylinder.
  • Refurbished dog bones for most models.
  • IT28G Lift, Tilt, and Steering cylinders.
  • IT14G Steering cylinders.

Sandvik Development Drills

  • All hydraulic cylinders, rollovers, and DPUs to suit TB40 booms.
  • All hydraulic cylinders, rollovers, and DPU’s to suit TB60 booms.
  • All hydraulic cylinders, rollovers, and DPUs to suit SB60 booms.
  • All feed cylinder configurations to suit DD420 / Axera7 / Axera D07
  • TFX feed cylinders – Long and Short configuration.
  • Feed extension cylinders to suit all feed length configurations.
  • TB40 and TB60 feed cradle post assemblies.
  • Steering cylinder to suit most carriers.

Sandvik Production Drills

  • Solo / DL430 rollover assembly.
  • Pito 14 assembly (Complete – stainless rod upgrade).
  • Pito 14 cylinders (stainless rod upgrade).
  • Pito 16 assembly (Complete)
  • Solo 5 horizontal and vertical rollover assemblies.
  • Solo 5 jack assemblies.
  • Solo 5 short and long feed cylinders.
  • Solo 5 rod changer (complete)
  • Solo 1020 pendulum cylinders.
  • Solo 1020 & DL420 drifter feed cylinders.
  • Solo7-7V & DL430 drifter feed cylinders.
  • Solo 1020 & DL420 boom extension cylinders.
  • Solo7-7V & DL430 boom extension cylinders.
  • DL430 boom lift and swing cylinders.
  • Fixed jaw and rod change arm cylinders to suit most models of carousel.
  • Stinger cylinders to suit most models.

Sandvik / Toro Loaders

  • Toro 151 / LH203 – lift, tilt, and steering cylinders.
  • Toro 151 / LH203 – park brake assemblies.
  • Toro 151 / LH203 – rear axle bolster assembly.
  • Toro 1400 tilt cylinder.
  • Toro 0010 tilt cylinder.
  • LH514 tilt and steering cylinders.
  • LH517 – lift, tilt, and steering cylinders.
  • LH621 lift and steering cylinders.
  • LH621 – refurbished dog bones.

Atlas Copco

  • 1257 / S7 drifter feed cylinders.
  • M7 and L6 drifter feed cylinders.
  • H104 – many cylinders available on request.
  • MT5020 / 6020 Tray Dump cylinders.
  • MT5010 / 6020 steering cylinders.
  • MT5010 / 6020 suspension cylinders.
  • MT5010 / 6020 brake / suspension accumulators.

With over 125 individual line items currently turning in our SX program we’ll find a way to keep you moving –  contact us with your enquiries!

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