Hydraulic Cylinder Issues, Service & Repair

Hydraulic cylinder issues, service and repair

Repair and service of hydraulic cylinders is a crucial process that should be done regularly. This will stop any issues from developing and will also extend the lifetime of the cylinder, minimising the downtime and expense associated with a broken cylinder.

A hydraulic cylinder functions as the primary driver at the heart of many kinds of machinery. Small issues can have larger knock-on effects to the rest of the associated parts as well as potential injuries to those operating it.

Hydraulic Cylinder Issues

It’s important to take note of any little signs that may signal the need for repair or service such as:

  • Components scored, pitted, corroded, blown out or broken
  • Leaking
  • Cylinder heating up
  • Rod kicking up at the end of stroke or not retracting
  • Loss of hydraulic power

Also take note of any overheating, hydraulic fluid leaks, irregular noise, and other dysfunctional activities.

Why do Hydraulic Cylinders Fail?

Failure can occur for many reasons, the primary reasons for hydraulic cylinder failure are damage to the rod shaft causing seal failure,  contamination of hydraulic fluids, overloading and the failure of a component within the cylinder. Others include:

  • Lack of bearing support
  • Intensification of internal pressures due to over-loading
  • Threads worn
  • Deformation of cylinder tube
  • Corrosion
  • Incorrect clearances
  • Internal leakage
  • Port blockage
  • Hydraulic pump failure
  • Lack of lubricant

Small issues can be corrected through regular service, but larger issues may require skills and knowledge not available onsite, in which case you should seek a professional to repair or rebuild the cylinder. Scheduled servicing is the smartest tool to prevent unplanned downtime of your machine, and increase productivity.

Hydraulic Cylinders Repair & Service

Hydramech warehouse repair maintenance

Check the seals regularly for lubrication and replacement. They are a small part of the cylinder, but if they fail, seals can cause severe damage to other components within the hydraulic cylinder such as the rod by causing overloading or an absence of lubrication.

If the rod is scored, pitted, or corroded it will cause friction which increases the load on the cylinder and causes further damage in a downwards spiral. A scored or damaged rod can cut seals causing external leakage and a loss of hydraulic power.

Service can extend the life of a hydraulic cylinder up to a point, but then repairs or a rebuild by professionals may be needed to keep everything moving.

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